Akagera National Park Guide

The Best Travellers guide providing you information and updates about Akagera National Park in Rwanda. This includes, what to do, what to wear, when to visit, and much more. Please note that this is a  privately owned website and it is not managed and run the government of Rwanda.

Located in Northeastern part of the Republic Rwanda along Rwanda’s boundary with Tanzania is the Famous Akagera National Park.  The Park is closer to a town called Kibungu the perfect starting point for tourist activities in the park.

Name after River Kagera, Akagera park currently covers a land area of 1,200sq kilometers. This is dominated by tiny lakes and swamps because of the zigzagging of River Kagera. River Kagera is the most distant head-stream of River Nile as well as Lake Victoria’s largest tributary. The different water sources form a spectacular network making an amazing Eco-system.

Surrounded by beautifully cultivated hills that form a breathtaking background perfect for photographs. Akagera national Park vegetation is majorly comprised of  a low landscape comprising of broad plains that are covered with grass, shrubs of Euphorbia candelabra similar to cactus and patches of forests. Unlike most parts of Rwanda the terrain here is not hilly and rocky.

The History of Akagera National Park

Established in 1934 to protect wild animals and the varied vegetation, Akagera is the biggest protected wetland in Africa.

The Akagera National Park used to cover a land area of more than 2,500 square kilometers in the past. However, by 1997 the size had reduced to nearly 50%, due to the need to re-settle the 1994 Rwanda Genocide refugees. This led to a great deal of poaching and also cultivation of food on the park land. Leading the government of Rwanda reduce the size of the park to just half its initial size.

Akagera National Park Despite the reduction in wildlife and vegetation in the past, Akagera National Park has regained its glory.  This has been possible due to the joint management of the park  by Rwanda development Board together with African Parks. The new perimeter-fence together with anti-poaching strategies have made a significant difference to the population of resident wild animals.

Compared to its neighbors in East Africa, Wildlife in Akagera is not abundant but enough to make your safari Memorable. A Game drive in the park allows you to spot different animals including; elephant, numerous buffaloes, lions, and birds living in the varied habitats in the park.

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Attractions in Akagera National Park

Boat Trips
Lake Rwanyakazinga- By Bryan Havemann

Akagera Safaris

Safaris to Akagera national park can be done anytime of the year. The park is open from January to January, however some accommodations/ camps are seasonal. Karenge camp is seasonal and therefore you should double check with the lodge to decide on when to visit.  Customers prefer to visit Akagera park during the drier months of the yeah which is between June to mid September

Private trips to Akagera can be organized by hiring a car in kigali, with a driver or on self drive. You then drive to the park and  do all the necessary activities.  Activities like boat ride and game drives might require prior booking. If you are not familiar with the country, we recommend you a rent a car with a guide.  The other option would be to let a Rwanda safari operator organize everything for you such that you do not have to worry about anything else, but enjoy your Rwanda akagera tour.

How to get to Akagera national park.

Just 2 hours drive from Rwanda’s capital Kigali, Akagera national park can be accessed by Road. All Roads to the park are paved and it is easy to connect to the park from Kigali. Akagera park can also be accessed by air and thus giving you an aerial view of the park. Flights to the park are organized by akagera aviation. Read more. 

Top Akagera National Park Tours

3 Days Wildlife Safari Akagera National Park. 

Spend 2 night in Akagera Park to appreciate the existence of wildlife and also learn more about wildlife Conservation

2 Days Safari Akagera National Park
Do you have 2 full days, well a Visit to Akagera National Park will come in Handy.

5 Days Gorillas and Akagera National Park

Visit Akagera national park and then proceed to track the gorillas in volcanoes national park or Uganda