Akagera Campsites

Camping is as defined by Wikipedia an elective outdoor recreational activity.  Akagera campsites offer you the experience that you desire. Generally participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural environments in pursuit of activities which provide enjoyment.  However customers in the past have opted for camping not only for its recreational activity but also because it is cheap.

Akagera National Park has flat Savannah grass lands making the place perfect for camping. The Park has 3 camping sites that you should explore and they include;

The Shakani Akagera Campsite

Akagera Campsite


The Shakani Campsite is found on the shores of Lake Shakani, which is the only lake within the park where fishing as a tourist activity is allowed.  Camping in this area will offer you an opportunity to see numerous hippos.

The Mutamba Akagera Campsites

Akagera Campsite


Mutamba area is the highest point in the entire Akagera National Park, and it is best known for the large number of wild animals that usually gather there, among which are big herds of the large elands as well as the roan antelope among other. Camping in this area will give you an opportunity to have a close encounter with the parks game.



The Muyumba Campsites

Akagera CampsitesLocated on the Ridge, Muyumba Campsite offers breathtaking views over two beautiful lake; Lake Ihema  and Lake Shakani as well as into the neighboring country – Tanzania. The Muyumba campsite is the only camping area closes to the park entrance gate at Kiyonza

Each of these 3campsites offers pi- toilets as well as a wash room. Something worth noting is that tap water is not safe to drink in Akagera national park. However we recommend that you boil the water before drinking it. Or the other option would be to carrry bottled water with you. You can hire tents from the reception while firewood will be provided.

Staying at one of the campsites in Akagera national park will cost if your have your own tents. Hiring a tent costs USD 20.

International* Regional* Local*
Muyumbu Campsite
$25 $25 $25 pppn
Shakani Campsite
$25 $25 $25 pppn
Mutumba Capsite
$25 $25 $25 pppn