Birds in in Akagera National Park

The Park, Akagera National Park is second to Nyungwe Park as the best destination to enjoy Rwanda Birding Safari. Birds in Akagera park  can be best spotted in the early Birds in Akageramorning and in the evening along its game tracks. This avails birdwatchers a great opportunity to see a number of bird species endemic to the savanna.

Akagera National Park is prominent for its large numbers of water birds across the entire East Africa. This therefore makes Akagera the best place to see a number of papyrus endemics.

Some of the commonest bird species you will see on your  Safari in Rwanda include;  the gorgeous lilac-breasted roller, the grey hornbill, the crested barbet, heuglin’s robin-chat, black headed gonalek and ross’s turaco, among others.

Recent records reveal that Akagera has a bird list of 525 different bird species living within its boundaries which best reflects the diverse habitats offered in the park. Among these are 44 raptor species including the Balaeniceps rex plus several Palearctic migrants, like the Glareola nordmanni, the Falco naumanni and the Gallinago media.

In addition, Akagera Park also symbolizes the maximum northern distribution of the Zambezi biome species, among which is the Cisticola angusticauda, Lanius souzae and Myrmecocichla arnotti. Therefore making Akagera is one of the best places to spot one of the Guinea Congo Forests-biome species

Water Birds in Akagera National Park.

Birds in AkageraThe best way to see the various water birds is during our interesting short Akagera Boat Tours. As a result you will have an opportunity to closely observe these birds to include;  the rare shoebill storks, African fish eagles, crowned cranes and marabou storks.

Bird Habitats in Akagera National Park

Located at the boarder of Rwanda and Tanzania near River Akagera, This Park is gifted with a variety of Habitats. These include; Savannah grassland, forests , swamps and Small Lakes hence a great number of bird species living in this park.

What to Pack for Birding Safari in Rwanda

Binoculars: this is a very essential item you should pack, so we advice you carry light weight ones preferably ensure that you get good quality ones.

A bird classification book: this book normally lists all the birds in Akagera, as well as the characteristics and all info about the seasons of the area. It also highlights which bird species to find in which habitat. In addition it will offer you great information about the different birds found in other parts of the world.

Tripods; these are actually safe when packed in your luggage. We recommend that you wrap clothes around it as well as stock some clothes or stocking between its legs. So you can always slip it into your big suitcase while packing.

Sunscreen: don’t forget to pack you sunscreen because spotting birds in Akagera may include walking through open areas when the African sun is up shining. So to protect yourself, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Convertible pants: these are also very vital since the weather in the park is unpredictable. The advantage of these pants is that when it’s hot you can always roll them up or unzip them and if its cold and slippery, you can always wear them down.

Tiny rain jacket: bring a rain jacket which you can easily slip into you back pack considering that you can never tell when it will rain in the park.

Strong waterproof hiking shoes: bird watching involves walking for hours along slippery wet paths, dusty trails and the dump marsh. So a pair of nice fitting waterproof shoes will come in handy and don’t forget to wear nice cotton socks.

Hats:  this is mandatory; it will help protect your face against the African sun.

A pair of gloves: regardless of the time of the year, gloves are an essential component of your trip, with these you will be able to grab onto the thorny branches as you gain you grip along the slippery paths during the bird tour.

Scarves: these are very useful especially in the early mornings when it is very cold.