Boat Trips on lake Ihema

Boat Trip on Lake Ihema

fishing-in-Akagera (1)For the more adventurous travelers interested in something different from the usual safari experience in Akagera park, you can opt to take a boat trip on the beautiful Lake Ihema. During this amazing expedition, you will sail along the water edge which is covered with several trees, drift past numerous giant hippos and see several crocodiles some in the shallows of the water and other basking on the shore.

In addition you will see a number of water birds so serious birders will be able to identify a large number of birds.

Each day, there are four (4) scheduled boat trips on Lake Ihema and these include:

From 7.30am, 9:00am, 3.30pm as well as 5:00 pm.

However the park management can also organize private trips that are out of the usual schedule.