Car Hire

Car hire, and prices 

Car hire in Rwanda; If you prefer to rent a car and drive your self around Akagera and Kigali or even any other parks in Rwanda, you do not need to worry as cars are available to hire.  You can always hire safari vehicles from the park reception and hire vehicles from companies in Kigali. Cars and guides are available in the park for hire, but you have to find your transportation to the park.

Renting a safari land-cruisers from the park requires prior booking because you might not be the only one who requires it. If you have special groups like school trip, you may make your reservation in advance to guarantee availability of vehicles and guide. For more information about prices of Vehicles and guides in the park please follow  entrances fees and costs  Currently the park hires cars for safaris at USD 280 for game drives. This fee includes; driver, and fuel for safari drives although it does not include transfers from Kigali. Pre-booking can be done at the rwanda Development Board offices in Kigali.


Prices of Vehicles available for hire by Tour operators.

rent a car- tour Landcruiser Different types of vehicles go for different prices and also depending on the tour operators that own the vehicles.  Car hire in the world can be complicated as you can never be sure of what to expect. However,we have to ensure you that we try to ensure that all cars hire to clients are in good conditions for you to use. Below are the estimated rates for the different cars the tour operators offer for rent on self-drive or with a driver.

A RAV 4 goes for USD 50 per day on Self Drive and USD 100  per day with a driver

Toyota land cruisers goes for USD 150 per day on self drive and USD 180 per day with a driver. Please note that this has no pop-up roof but a sliding roof.


safari van- Rwanda car hireA 7 seater safari Van with pop-up roof costs USD 180 per day with a driver guide. It has  a sitting capacity of 7 people. There are rarely given out on self drive.

rent a car - Safari LandcruiserWhereas a safari Land-cruiser with a pop-up roof Goes for USD 150 per day. This is not available on self drive. Maximum number of people in this is 7 people The drive is the 8th person.

Please note that the above fee does not include fuel. To book any of the vehicles of your choice for a safari in Akagera, fill in the contact form and we will put you in touch with the service providers that hire vehicles out.

For those who are in Uganda and would wish to hire a car on self drive or with a driver, google.