Magashi camp

Magashi Camp is a beautiful tented camp strategically located in the north-eastern corner of Akagera National Park. This camp has a scenic view as it is overlooking the beautiful Lake Rwanyakazinga in Akagera is known to have some of those really beautiful and scenic views of the savannah plains in East Africa. This park has open plains, there are woodlands, some areas are covered by lakes and others with swamps while other parts are covered by grassy low mountains.

Magashi camp lounge

The lodge has turned out to be a great role model of responsible ecotourism in Rwanda and has contributed positively towards conservation as well as to community empowerment to people living around Akagera National Park.

Wildlife and other attractions you can see whilst staying at Magashi camp.

Akagera national park is known to have the highest densities of hippos in Africa. Akagera also has some of the largest crocodiles and also the rare antelope called the sitatunga. Those that are interested in bird watching will also not be disappointed at all because this park has a population of more than 520 different bird species living around the area.  These birds may include the rare and also elusive shoebill which is one of the most sought birds in the world. There is also the near-endemic red-faced barbet bird, the yellow throated long claw bird, among so many others.   

                                                                                                                                                     The existence of savannah vegetation encourages the survival of several wildlife. This encourages the survival of  lions that were only  reintroduced in the park not so long ago but in 2015 following their extinction  about 20-year ago.  You can also expect to see some black rhino and these were reintroduced into the park in 2017 and there are higher chances of seeing the leopard.  

Magashi camp Bar and Fire Place.

Magashi luxury camp

The camp has about six spacious and well furnished air conditioned tents with spectacular views over Lake Rwanyakazinga. The main area has got a luxurious lounge with a dining and also the bar area. The lodge has a swimming pool for you to cool off during the hot days. Magashi camp also has an expansive deck with a fire pit.

All rooms have got the beautiful and unique architecture with the interiors designed in the Kinyarwanda traditional styles and culture. 

Magashi camp Akagera park
Magashi camp – Akagera

Activities to engage in whilst at the camp.

  •  Day and night game drives are offered . The night game drives offer an opportunity to spot leopards and Lions.
  • Boat rides is a popular activity and a must do activity as well. This is the time you get to meet the water animals.
  • Guided walks which are also seasonal depending on the space availability.  
  • Fishing in Rwanyakazinga can be organised. You will need to obtain clearance from the Akagera park authorities.

Magashi camp is now one of the best accommodation facilities in Akagera national park. Magashi camp costs USD 470 per person per night in the low season of November and April. Whereas in the high season it costs USD 650 per person per night