How to get a Rwanda Visa

To obtain a Rwanda Visa, one should submit their well filled in applications to the Rwandan Diplomatic Missions back in their home Country. However in case there is no Rwanda Diplomatic Mission or consulate in your country, then you can apply for the Visa Online on  After 3 working days you will receive an email approving your  Rwanda Visa application. You can then present the Letter on arrival and get a visa after paying a visa fee  of $30. If you are on a safari combo that combines Rwanda with other East Africa countries like Uganda or Kenya, then we would recommend that you Obtain the East Africa Visa which costs USD 100.

For those who can’t find an embassy or a consulate close to them and for some technical reason can not obtain a Visa online. You are now allowed to obtain a Visa on arrival starting January 2018.

Citizens coming from the following Countries can enter Rwanda without any visa for 90 days: Democratic Republic of Congo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines as well as Mauritius.

Much as, the Citizens of EAC Partner states do not require a Visa to enter Rwanda, they will be issued with 6 months visitors pass (renewable) upon arrival with no fee.

Nationals of United States of America, Germany, Australia, Israel, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden as well as the Republic of South Africa will be provided with entry-visa that are valid for thirty days at $30 minus earlier application. These ones do not require prior online Visa application.

Rwanda visa
What you need to get a Rwanda Visa

Travel Document:

To obtain a Rwanda Visa a  valid passport or travel document  is required. The  passport should be valid for atleast 6 months and two free pages on which the Visa will be  issued.

Health Requirements:

A Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory to enter Rwanda. Therefore persons without a yellow fever card, should carry USD 40 on them to pay for the Vaccination on arrival. In case of any serious disease outbreak, the government can establish particular requirements and make the general public aware of them.

Visa Fees:

Please note that Visa application fees are non refundable. Please find below visa fees for different travelers.

  • Transit Rwanda Visa Cost USD 30
  • Single Entry Costs USD 30
  • Multiple Entry Costs USD 50
  • Tourists Visa Costs USD 30
  • Family Rwanda Visa costs USD 50
  • East Africa Tourists Visa Costs USD 100
  • Conference Visa  Single Entry Costs USD 30
  • Conference Visa Multiple Entry Costs USD 50

Validity of a Rwanda Visa:

This will depend on the class of Visa you apply for.

Financial Requirements:

All applicants should have enough money to cover all their costs during their stay within Rwanda.  The applicant may be required verify availability of funds online while at the Rwanda foreign mission or on arrival at the point of entry.

Extension of a Rwanda-Visa for Some Classes:

You can extend some of the Rwanda visa classes. However this is only possible when your visa is  still valid.

The government offers a grace-period of five days after the visa has expired to either depart from the country or renew your visa minus a penalty, else you will be p denied a visa extension.

Changing of Status for a Visa Class:

A Client can apply through the Director General to change from one class of a visa to another while in Rwanda. We recommend that you apply for change of  Visa Class  while your Visa is still Valid. It is not possible to change a tourist Visa to any other class.

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