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Uganda is a country of wonders, with beautiful sceneries, the mountains of the moon, wildlife and a diversity of birdlife and most noteworthy the gorillas. Thus the name pearl of Africa.  Located in east Africa, is Uganda the land locked country but a country blessed with a good weather and natural wonders, like one of the largest fresh water body Lake Victoria.  Uganda is also known for its diverse culture and also harboring some of the most welcoming people in the world. With such diversity Uganda can-not be explored in just once visit, one will need to take on a great number of Uganda safaris to explore it all. Sharing boarders with Rwanda, it is very easy to organise a Uganda  safari combined with Rwanda  Akagera national park  tour.

Uganda climate and weather;

Anybody traveling to Uganda for a Uganda safari would wonder about the weather or climate of the country to guide them on what to pack for their trip. On that note therefore they would ask questions like, what is the climate like? Is it too cold in Uganda? Do they have winter or summer? and so many more questions.

Because of the country’s location on the equator, Uganda has a minimal fluctuation in temperatures and there is no real summer or even winter or wet or dry season. Most noteworthy is Uganda’s hottest months which are January and February with temperatures ranging between 24-33°C (52-91°F) with peak temperatures going as high as 40°C/104°F especially in northern Uganda.  The rest of the country has two wet season’s one running from mid-September to November and another from March to May.

You have to note that with 1,000 to 2,000mm (39.4-78.7in) precipitation of rain annually. It can rain any time of the year even during the dry season. There are two dry seasons that is from June to September which is drier compared to December to February which receives a few showers.   This means that gorilla trek during this time might be a little tricky and slippery.  The North which is home to Murchison falls park and Kidepo Park is warmer during the day, compared to the south which is home to Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi Park.

In summary the Uganda weather seasons are broken down as follows

Dry season 
  • June, July & August –

The best months of a gorilla, wildlife and any form of Uganda safari. These are the driest months of the year, although in high altitude areas of the gorilla parks it’s a little colder and you might need to carry a warm sweater and also a rain coat. Temperatures on average range between 16°C/61°F and 30°C/86°F

  • December, January & February – Most of the south has less rainfall, but still more when Compared to the above months, this period has more rainfall, but it is slightly warmer compared to the wet season. The Northern parts of the country during the=is time have clear blue skies and it is drier the north compared to the south.
Wet season.
  • March, April & May – Uganda receives more rainfall during this time of the year compared to any other time. What is most noteworthy is that Uganda still receives sunshine during some days of these months.  When it rains, it can rain for a couple of hours and stops and shines the rest of the day. During these months because of the rains, travel is strenuous and hectic, because some roads are closed due to landslides. Some roads are impassable. And gorilla trekking trails are slippery.  Temperatures during these months range between 13°C/56°F and 24°C/75°F.
  • September, October & November – Compared to March, April and May, in these months Uganda receives less rains. Thus gorilla tours are not so strenuous compared to the other months in the wet season.  Temperatures during these months range between 13°C/56°F and 24°C/75°F.

Food in Uganda.                      

Uganda is one country on the African continent that is blessed with diverse cultures that weaves a yarn of variety not only in the dress codes, languages but is also showcased in the variety of dishes. Arguably the best in Africa, nearly every tribe in Uganda has a delicacy and specialty. Although the most common traditional food is Matooke, there are other dishes that are made from fresh foods, and vegetables, plus fruits.

Matooke, is made from bananas of the plantain type and they tastes better when steam in Banana leaves and they are best served with peanut stew, fresh beef, and fish stew.  Matooke is the stable food of the Buganda kingdom and close to the Capital city of the Uganda- Kampala.

Other foods, you should consider tasting is millet bread, made from Cassava and millet and then mingled in Hot water.  This is common in northern Uganda and is best served with milled sim-sim (sesame) paste.

Uganda is home to a number of fresh water bodies, and thus fish to include silverfish, tilapia and Nile perch, dried, fresh and fried fish source are some of the options available in Uganda.

In the west Ugandans who inhabit these areas where gorillas are trek are also referred to as Bahima who are cattle keepers. They make a coup called eshabwe out of cow butter and salt. This taste better with millet bread.

Uganda is home to great number of fruits to include, citrus, a variety of Mangoes, Tamarind, Jack fruit, pineapples, and it is known to have the sweetest bananas and pineapples in the world.

Delicacies; The most common delicacy are the grasshoppers, these are loved by most Uganda and they taste better when fried.

In most of Uganda’s hotels, they serve both international meals and local dishes for an opportunity of tourists to have a taste of Uganda’s soil products. While in Uganda tour, do not be afraid to taste and try something Uganda.

Uganda safari visas. / How to obtain a Tourist Visa.

Visas that permit you to enter Uganda  for a gorilla tour can be obtained at the Embassy or consulate close to you or obtained on arrival at the airport to boarder, or applied for online.  Uganda online visas, require you to have a scanned copy of your passport and a yellow fever certificate. Traveling to Uganda for business, or for a Uganda safari holiday, below we have listed the prices of the different Visa.

Single entry Uganda Visa USD 50

Multiple entry Uganda Visa for 6 months  USD 100

Students Visa USD 100.

East African Tourist Visa USD 100. Allows you to spend 3 months in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Thus allowing you to do the East Africa Safari combo in these three countries, with out paying any More fees for Visas.

Uganda safari  and  tour options;

Uganda safaris and tours include mountain gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee trekking safaris, cultural tours, Uganda wildlife tours, Rwenzori treks, Kampala walking tours to rafting adventures on the Nile.  The number of days you can spend on a Uganda tour range between 3hrs to as many 30 days. The diverse nature of country makes it a place that is worth exploring. There is a great number of Uganda tours, safaris and adventure holiday optional activities that you can take on while in Uganda. Some trips might be short but since they require gorilla trekking permits, they become more expensive compared to long trips that do not require gorilla permits.

Attractions, safari activities in Uganda. / What to do in Uganda?

As mentioned earlier there are quite a number of activities that you can take on while in Uganda.  Below we have listed some of the activities that you can include in your Uganda safari holiday.

Gorilla trekking and habituation experience in Uganda

Gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi forest national park and Mgahinga national park is one of the must do activities when it comes to a Uganda safari. There are two options and one Is the gorilla trek where you spend 1 hour with the gorillas , whereas the gorilla habituation experiences allows tourist to spend 4 hours with the gorillas. The Uganda gorilla permits for 2018 and 2019 costs USD 600 whereas the Uganda gorilla habituation experience permit cost USD 1,500.

Murchison Falls Safari.

A safari to the Murchison falls is something worth considering. The park is not only home to part of the Nile, but it has plenty of wildlife and offer beautiful views of the Falls. Take a cruise on the Victoria Nile to get a view of the falls from the bottom and see plenty of wildlife at the shores of the river. You can also opt to raft on the Nile for an adrenaline rash.  The park also offers an opportunity to trek chimpanzees in the forested part of Budongo forest. Tour around the Murchison falls and stay in some of the scenic lodges like Chobe lodge for a Uganda safari of a lifetime.

Bird watching in Uganda

Uganda is a home to over 1000 species of birds and it is one of the best places to spots as many as 200 birds a day. Uganda is also home to one of the most sought after bird the shoe bill stork that can be found in Mabamba wetland, and also in Murchison Falls park.   Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the sites that one shouldn’t miss out on in a Uganda while on a  bird watching safari.

Chimpanzee trekking.

Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda can be done in quiet a number of places to include Murchison falls park, Queen Elizabeth park and Kibale national park. Kibale national park is one of the best parks to view chimpanzees. The park has over 10 species of primates and you are certain of seeing the chimpanzees in Kibale Park.

Chimpanzee habituation experience

This is the process through which wild chimpanzees are tamed to get used to human presence. Chimpanzee habituation experience s done in Kibale national park and it starts very early in the morning at around 6am where you get to spend a full day with the chimpanzees following them till evening. Chimpanzee habituation experience in Kibale forest park cost USD 220 per person.

Cultural safaris in Uganda.

Uganda has a diverse culture with over 50 different tribes. Learn about the Baganda people in central Uganda, Basoga people in the East, Acholi people in the north and also the Bayankole in the west. With the many dialects and norms a cultural Uganda safari is one of the trip worth considering in Uganda.

Hiking Rwenzori Mountains of the moon.

Rwenzori Mountains hiking also referred to us as mountains of the moon is the highest mountain in Uganda that is worth trekking. There are different Rwenzori trekking service companies that offer trekking trips of the mountains of the moon. You can opt to trek up to the highest point which is Magherita peak or opt to trek to up to other peaks like the Weismann’s peak.  A full Rwenzori trekking   Uganda safaris requires a minimum of 8 full days and therefore you will need around 10 days of the entire safari.

Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary.

Located in the middle of Lake Victoria, Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary is the home of the orphaned and abandoned chimpanzees. At the chimpanzee’s sanctuary, you can be able to view chimpanzees on a raised platform, or participate in the daily caregiving, you can also opt to go fro a forest walk in Ngamba island with the chimps.  There is also an option of volunteering at the sanctuary for those interest in Uganda volunteerism.

Kampala city tour.

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, with plenty of historical sites and also current sites that are worth visiting an exploring. Some of these sites include, the independence monument, the Bahai temple, the national museum, the Uganda Taxi park, The Gadhafi Mosque , the Martyrs shrine and many more. Kampala, can be explored / visited on Foot- Kampala walking tours, or Kampala Boda boda tours for the Motor cycle rides or in a car. In all the cases, the experience is authentic and nothing is touristic.

How to organize a Uganda safari holiday?

We recommend that you contact a reputable Uganda safari company or tour operator to arrange a Uganda safari for you.   Most of the tour operators know the right organizations to contact that can help you secure the necessary permits to make your dream trip come true.  There is also the option of just hiring a vehicle and do the trip, yourself. Please note that some routes in Uganda are not on google maps and therefore we recommend that you contact some of the tour operators to arrange your Uganda holiday. Once you contact a tour operator, just mention to them the number of days you have and the sites you would wish to visit and also the activities you are interested in and the will draft up a program for you.

To organize the best Uganda safari package, it is always good to know your budget for the entire trip, and also to at-least spend 7 days in Uganda. The 7 days will allow you to visits some of the highlights of the country like gorilla in Bwindi, chimpanzees in Kibale forest and also wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park.

How much does a Uganda safari trip cost?

The price of Uganda safaris varies, with the activities to be done whilst in the safari, the number of days of the Uganda tour and most importantly is the accommodation option chosen.  Uganda adventure safarisprices, majorly vary with the types of accommodation. There are basic accommodations that cost as low as USD 50 and luxury accommodations that costs USD 1000 a night.  Also you have to note that there are activities that cost over USD 1000. Hence the reason as to why there are variations in the safaris despite the fact that they could be the same number of days.

Price estimates of some of the Uganda safaris.

3 days gorilla trek prices range between USD 850 to as much as USD 2500

5 days Uganda safari- Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls ranges between USD 1,190 to as much as USD 4,500 per person

7 Days Uganda gorilla tour would cost between USD 1800 to USD 7,830.

Renting a Car in Uganda.

Uganda has quiet a number of companies, available to provide you with vehicles for you to hire on a Self drive safari or on a guided safari. There are different kinds of cars that you can hire, however because of the roads in Africa and Uganda specifically, we recommend that you hire a car that is have 4 wheel drive. These are the only cars that can managed the unpaved terrains closer to the different Uganda National parks.  Roads close to the parks are not tarmacked  for purposes of conservation and protection of wildlife.