Tour Operators

There are a number of safari tour operators that can help you plan your Rwanda trip in Akagera national park and other wildlife safaris in Rwanda not forgetting gorilla tracking in the Volcanoes National Park. Safari companies and tour operators are in direct contact with the Rwanda development board, Uganda wildlife Authority, immigration boadies  and also other bodies that regulate entrances in the country. .  Customers doing a Rwanda Akagera safari with gorilla trekking that requires gorilla permits, you are encouraged to contact the tour operators at-least 3 months in advance.  Tour operator’s roles, include booking accommodation, organizing transportation, and pre-booking activities for you.

Below we have listed some of the tour operators that you can consider using.

  • Africa Nature Trekkers ltd
    Tell: +256-414-250-018
    Cell: +256-792-839273
  • Gorilla Trek Africa
    Tel: +256 776 107 004
    Block 269, Plot2763 Lubowa estates, Kampala Off  Entebbe Road.
  • Adventure Uganda Safari
    Tell: +256-392-293-534
    Cell: +256-392883831
  • Alive Safaris Ltd 
    Telephone: (+ 250) 08524799
    Telephone: (+ 250) 08744129
  • Adventure in The World Safaris
    Cell: +256-753 750983
  • Gecko Safaris Uganda
    Tel: 0256774244879
    Fax: 0250 505252
  • Thousand Hills Expeditions
    Tel: 0250 505151
    Fax: 0250 505252
    BP 3090 Kigali- Rwanda
  • Volcanoes Safaris
    Tel: +256 41 346464/5, +44 207 235 7897
    P.O BOX 1321, Kigali
  • International Tours And Travel Ltd
    Tel: 0250 574057 /578831/2
    Fax: 0250 575582
    SORAS Building, Boulevard de la Revolution
  • Wild Frontiers
    Tel: +27 11 7022935
    Fax: +27 11 4681655
    Halfway House 1685
    South Africa
  • Lets Go Tours Rwanda
    KN 5 Rd, Airpot, Remeera,
    P.O Box 561
    Kigali, Rwanda
    Tel: +250 788 461913


There are many safari operators, how do I choose?

New safari companies, come up every other day and in Rwanda there are a total of over 300 tour operators.  Choosing the right tour operator might become a problem thus below we have provided you with a number of factors to consider while choosing your Akagera Rwanda safari operator

Registered with any association of the Government.

There are many companies that have websites, but might not be registered with the Rwanda government or even the Uganda government. Always endeavor to make sure that if an organization is not part of an association, at-least it is registered with a particular government or registrar of companies  Uganda or Rwanda.

Membership in any tour operator association.

The company should be a member of at least one of the different associations in the country or associations at a global level.  To become a member of an association is not mandatory to any company but is a sign of existence of the company, because the rigorous screening process that a company will have been done for you by the association;

  • RTTA: Rwanda Travel and Tour operators association
  • AUTO; The association of Uganda Tour operators.
  • TUGATA; The Uganda association of Travel agents
  • ATTA: Adventure travel and Tourism show
  • Atta: Africa travel and tour operator association
  • Safari bookings.

and many others.

Some safari companies always have logos of these associations at the footer of their website. Furthermore, to confirm their membership to these associations, always go to the membership page of that association and re-confirm their membership.

Your communications with the company,

It is the responsibility of a tour organiser to provide you with all the necessary information concerning your trip. They should provide you with information, about what is included in the trip, what is excluded, the timings of the trip and also the accommodation options available for your Rwanda safari.  There should be constant communication, between you and the tour operator, and most important towards the trip, for final touches. Keep in touch with your safari operator in Rwanda through emails, social media, and phone calls if possible.

Previous clients reviews of the tour operator.

Before booking a Rwanda tour with a company, look out for reviews about the company. You will consequently find out more about the services that the company has provided previously. If it is a new company, and does not have any reviews, then we recommend you find out more about that company, on other social media sites for reviews. If there isn’t any totally then it is advisable to request the company to put you in touch with any of the previous clients for reference before booking.

Especially relevant, you should avoid using companies, with bad reviews and most of all those that do not take the time, to respond to bad reviews. Sometimes tourists can be malicious, and can write bad reviews about a company. So always read the responses if there is any consequently giving you a better judgment of the company.  Trip-advisor allows to write a response to a any review.

Another sign of existence of the company is the continuous update of their social media accounts with at-least ongoing trips, or recently concluded safaris as proof of trips handle recently.

Safari Prices

We all want affordable or rather cheap safaris, who doesn’t? However, we caution you about Rwanda safaris operators that are too cheap to be true. Yes they are always not true. For example, one can offer you a 3 days Rwanda gorilla safari at USD 900 including the gorilla permit. Yes this is cheap but let us be realistic.. A Rwanda gorilla permit costs USD 1500 per person, unless if you are an agent and the company is buying the gorilla permit for you then this might be true. But if you are not an agent, then we recommend you run as fast as your hands can type on the key board.  But in most cases, it is always good to compare prices of all companies rather thank just booking with the first one.

If money is not a problem, then consider choosing the company with a good track record when it comes to service delivery. Sometimes cheap things are expensive in the long run.

Forms of payment used for a safari.

There are a great number of safari payment options, and some companies, have credit  card options,  bank wire transfers, xpress pay an online payment system to mention but a few.

In addition, always ensure that for all payments made for a trip or service the receipt should be the company name itself. Most noteworthy, is that the company name should be the recipient’s name.  If the account name is in the names of an individual then we do not advise you to proceed with the company.  Most of all, not at any one time should you use money transfer procedures that are had to track, like Money gram or Western Union. Unless if you trust the company and have ever used it before with the company.