Why visit Akagera national park

Why visit Akagera national park while in Rwanda.

Unlike Kenya and Tanzania, Akagera national park stands on a 432 square mile of land offering lakes, savannah, mountains  and woodlands that make up for the excellent scenery of the park. More to the scenery, there are a number of reasons to visit Akagera park ( why visit Akagera national park) while in Rwanda and some of these include;

Distance of Kigali – Rwanda Capital City.

Akagera national park is just 2 and half hours drive and has good roads. You can use public means, however we highly recommend you at least hire a car and driver or make use of the tour operators that organize safaris to akagera such that you can better enjoy the safari. This will make your trip worry free, but relaxed, compared to when you use public means. 

Akagera park Wildlife

Under the managed of African parks, Akagera national park has revived ist glorious days, and you can now spot the Five most sought after animals. These include Lions, Buffaloes, Leopards elephants, and Rhinos. The best of part of visit Akagera unlike other national aprk in East Africa is that, the game drives feel authentic as there aren’t many tourists unlike other parks. So you get the feeling of being the wilderness and thus you get to appreciate the efforts of conservations.

Hotels and accommodation available in Akagera park.

Akagera has revived its old and also built new facilities to cater for all categories of People.  While Akagera national park visiting Akagera national park, you can now stay at the Luxurious Ruzizi tented camp, or at the Seasons Karenge bush camp or opt to stay at one of the in oldest facilities, that is undergoing refurbishment Akagera game lodge. Akagera game lodge will be fully refurbished and ready to fully receive visitors by February 2019. All of these facilities are located with-in the park and they offer an opportunity to view wildlife before getting to the facilities. Another luxurious facility is in plans and will be  ready by the year 2019 or 2020. With such accommodation facilities, this makes Akagera a must Visit and you can stay in the aprk for as long as you want.

A Boat Ride on lake Ihema. 

Watch the sunset in Akagera national park, while you cruise on Lake Ihema. The Boat ride on lake Ihema offers you with views of animals at the shores, to include, hippos, crocodiles and so much more. Most importantly, this boat ride, offer you exclusive views of the sun as it sets along the borders of Akagera national aprk. This is extra ordinarily beautiful.

Birds in Akagera park Birdlife in Akagera national park.

The aprk is blessed with over 400 different species of birds and including the rare and prehistoric shoebill stock and also plenty of other birds. Visit Akagera national park to explore a great number of birdlife. You can do this by joining our of our Rwanda safaris 

The 3 days Akagera safaris  or the 2 days safari to Akagera national park.

Corporate social responsibility.

Proceeds collected from activities, and park entrances go back to the communities. And the largest number of people employed in the park are local people who stay close to the park. This in return ensures sustainability of the different conservation efforts and also your visit to the park employees someone.

We therefore, invite you to visit akagera national park while on your visit in East Africa.